My name is Alex and I have been living in beautiful Sydney Australia since 2011. As a software Engineer who spent 12+ years in front of computer screens- from a bulky 17″ CRT monitor to my sexy 27″ 5k iMAC screen- I believe that would be fair to say that coding has been my main passion throughout my entire professional life since I graduated from the Uni.


My professional geeky life has been started with Visual C++ and progressed into C# and Microsoft .NET land for quite a few years. Recently, I’ve decided to go on a little adventure by leaving my comfort zone and moving more towards cross-platform programming. The line that I was always scared to cross to be honest. Mastering CLI and remembering hundreds of Linux commands with all the - and -- flags seemed very intimidating. But as always, you wouldn’t realise what you are missing, until you actually get your feet wet and start challenging yourself.

Since two years ago, my focus has mainly been shifted towards the fascinating world of Linux and well, I think I just opened a huge pack of crunchy Doritos of which I’ve been enjoying every single bite so far. Don’t get me wrong! For a pampered Windows dude, it is challenging and even confusing sometimes, but yet extremely rewarding and motivating.

Where is the coding?

Given that the systems I have been working on during the past couple of years are extremely high traffic services, the performance of them has been always a key factor in our architectural decisions, and when it comes to performance,  Golang is almost always a great option to consider.  During the past two years I have been heavily involved in using Go as my day-to-day programming language to implement many scalable distributed services. So far, I’ve found Go an extremely simple, elegant and a very fun language to use.

One of my 2018 new year resolutions was to start sharing all the tips and tricks I learned along the way by writing a tech blog and here I am. Even though I started a bit late, but it seems that it’s finally happening and I am super excited about it. I hope it would help everyone who is going through the same journey as I am.

Remember that you are great by yourself, but we are always the greatest together.